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DW Christmas Sale
Christmas Carving Sale 2020

This is our Christmas 2020 sale for all of our Christmas carvings and more.

So come on in and have a look around. Yes, winter is coming!

Visit our Christmas Carving sale
Wine and Beer Lovers
Wine and Beer Lovers

Our Wine and Beer Carving shop; check out our menu below for more of our wine and beer carvings. So stop in and stay awhile; sorry, you have to have your own wine LOL.

Visit our Wine Land Beer Lovers Shop
Carving Studio Chimo!
Carving Studio

Our Carving Studio is worth a visit; it's just full of everything from house signs to wildlife carvings. Check out the menu below to see more options, or click the image above to go to our carvings shop to see more.

Visit our Carving Studio, it's very cool
Paintings and prints
Incredible Paintings and Prints

Marie is an incredible detail artist; stop in and check out some of her works of art, from wildlife to Maritime art, and everything in between. Just click on the image above or go to our drop-down menu below.

Visit Paintings and Prints Studio
Garden and deck Shop
Click on the image above to see more

Our incredible Garden and Deck Shop (GD) is full of unique garden art. Just click on the Garden and Deck Carving Menu below to see more or visit our Garden and Deck shop.

Our Garden and Deck shop is a must-see!

Visit our Garden and Deck Shop
DW Art resource Shop
Art Resource

Our art resource page has all of our free art patterns, carving videos, ebooks, carving lessons, and so much more; see you soon. You can also check out our DIY Carving page, Carving Pattern facebook page and Back Carving page to see more

Visit our Art Resource, it's very cool


  • Raccoon painted on an apple Burlwood
  • Elder Wand Carving
  • Humpback Whale LED Art
  • Carved Rainbow Trout
  • Epoxy and Burl wood desk art
  • Carved Wine Displays and Racks
  • Kitchen decor carvings
  • Great Canadian Northern Trout Carving
  • Killer Whale Carving
  • Squirrel House Carving
  • Wild Grapes first in our wine lovers carvings
  • Hand Carved House Signs
  • Live Edge River Table
  • Challange coin display
  • Feller Buncher Tigercat 822D carving
  • Backyard Sculptures
  • Carved coffee Tables
  • Noel Bear Wood Carving
  • Carved Furniture
  • Bottle Opener
  • Christmas Carvings
  • Display
  • Carved coffee Tables
  • Heart of the Forest Carving
  • Kitchen Decor
  • Canoe Paddle hand painted
  • Raccoon Nest Painted on Oak

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