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Darkwood Woodcarving was est in the 90s out of our small studio in Oromocto, NB, Canada. Since then we have been moving around Canada setting up shops in Wainwright, Alberta, Petawawa, Ontario, Meaford, Ontario, only to come full circle and reopen in Oromocto, NB Canada after our retirement from the Canadian Armed Forces.

Below is our brief history

Over the past 30 plus years of painting, carving and furniture designing, we have gathered tremendous amounts of knowledge and skills from master craftsman the world over. From the shores of Africa to the jungles of Honduras, to the depths of the Black Forest in Germany and Eastern Europe with their historical cultures steeped in tradition. We have taken all of this knowledge, combined with a little Canadian flare, and are now putting pen to paper to ensure this knowledge is passed on to future generations of artist, woodcarvers and woodworkers. 

We first started our art work at the early age. If you ask when we made our first sketch the answer would be, “We have always been sketching or painting and can’t remember a time when we did not draw". We are the designer of all the carving patterns, and furniture design you see on this webpage and in all of the eBooks, digital content.

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The Artist

Commercial Artist

Painter / Illustrator / Designer 

Proud Canadian

Marie graduated from commercial arts in Middletown, N.S and started to create and develop her artistic skills over the next few years. With 4 years living in West Germany she was immersed in the culture with numerous visits to some, if not most of Germany's historical centers and cultural attractions. Marie has also lived in just about every Canadian Province; Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Ontario, Quebec, Alberta and British Columbia and has created art representing all of them over the years. She has gone on to design and create new and unique works of art for darkwood-woodcarving.com, and now we have moved to darkwood-woodcarving.ca over the years. At the same time she learned pyrography and has created incredible one of a kind large Pyrography works of art. Marie is an accomplished artist and if you would like to see more of her artwork please visit our Studio, painting and Pyrography page, links are below.

One of the most rewarding aspects of creating designs and carving patterns is to see them go from an idea to paper to wood, canvas or other mediums and to become something we can all enjoy for many years to come.




The Carver



Retired member of the 

Canadian Armed Forces 

Canadian Army

Royal Canadian Engineer Branch for 35 year

Proud Canadian

During my service to Canada, I've managed to deploy outside of our great country for Hurricanes, Wars, UN operations and NATO Operations, and inside the country for domestic operations such as Floods and Ice Storms. Below is a short history of my time in the Canadian Armed Forces to date. I've participated in several missions for Canada over the years and have spent 35 years in the Canadian uniform. Over the years I have completed many phases of training such as; Bomb Disposal- Canadian, American and British EOD qualifications, German Airborne, Canadian PARA, Advance Water Supply, French Commando, Advance Patrolling (LRRPs) and Demolition Instructor, to name a few. I've managed to spend approximately 7 years during my 35 years outside of Canada on several missions; Africa (Rwanda and Sierra Leone, Africa), Bosnia, Afghanistan x 2 , and Honduras, during which time I managed to seek out and find the local woodcarving shops and tradesman to explore their regional talents. I've found that Asia is mostly chip carving and wildlife, where in Central and South America they carve usable items such as walking canes, staffs to kitchen ware. Africa is mostly three dimensional carvings of indigenous wildlife, human figures and tribal personalities. The EU is a mixture of all the styles with more architectural and carved furniture designs. Now that I am a full time professional Woodcarver I am looking forward to the challenges it will provide.


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