Architectural Wood Carving


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Art (woodcarving lessons)

This page is dedicated to our Architectural woodcarvings.

I have been a firm belief in the use of architectural woodcarvings in the home and office. the reason I first started in woodcarving some 35 years ago was due to architectural woodcarving. I can remember visiting Budapest and instead of shopping I would spend my time looking at the incredible stone and woodcarvings.

Now I also include a more modern concept of architectural wood carving to include kitchen cabinates, Kitchen island, stair railings and stairs.

Oak kitchen

Kitchen Cabinet Doors carved with a grape pattern out of solid Oak and stained with a Royal Walnut stain, and finished withg a polyurethane and wax for durability. the carving pattern runs from left to right connecting togeather in the centre to give the full feeling of a Niagara Vineyard, Soft close hinges and etched glass to round off the full effect along with under the counter lighting. The doors are over sized 40 inches tall for extended storage space.





kitchen Fairy House




Builtin Wine Rack


Stand alone Wine Rack


The Wine Rack carving comes in several designs depending on the Wine Rack. The one above was carved into our house in Wainwright Alberta. Carved out of basswood and lightly stained with old English and waxed with clear Freddy wax. that said it can be painted or stained to represent real colours.

Cabinate Door

Green Spirit

The Green Man can be carved into just about any real wood surface such as cabinet doors ornamental wall sections. The one above was carved into a Basswood wall panel. I added a light green wood and brown stain then finished with 5 coats of clear wax and buffed it up to provide the depth.

Doorway Frame Carving

The Architectural Door Frame can come in several designs, as we are constantly making new designs every month. Just let us know the size and design or as we call it theme and we will make the design for you.

custom orders


Send us an email with your concept and or design theme and the following information.

1. width of the current door frame.

2. Hight above the frame to the ceiling.

3. Your theme or concept design, for example, Victorian, Gothic, Wildlife, floral. (what are you thinking)



We will work with you to create the design you would like for free. We will retain the copyright for the design we create, keeping it in our library of patterns.



We then will provide you with an estamate to include type of wood. just to let you know our average price for solid oak carved door frame is between $125-$200 Canadian









Woodcarving Darkwood [DW]

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Check out our You tube carving channel for more free videos,

Darkwood Woodcarving

If there are carving tutorial / video that you are looking for just ask and we will do everything we can to provide you with....yes free information.


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