Incredable Deck Chairs

Come on in and have a look at our incredible hand carved hand painted Cedar Deck Chairs.

To place an order you can contact the carver by phone 

(506) 238-1398

or by email at or

Facebook page (Messaging): Woodcarving Darkwood [DW]

Visit the Wharf Village at NB Magnetic Hill Zoo

or visit the Boyce Farmers Market 

in Fredericton NB on Saturday starting in May

If you don't absolutely love our creations, we'll give you a full refund-100% money back guaranteed. Because they are just to cool.


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Our Basic Chairs start at $140.00

Chair Add-ons

Wine Glass Holder + $10.00

Beer and Pop Holder (must have the wide arm) + $10.00 for the holder and +$10.00 for the wide arm

Wide Arm without beer and pop holder +$10.00

Built in LED Light integrated into the design + $15.00

Under the seat or back seat secret compartment + $20.00

Foldup side table + $30.00

To have names added, to be estimated when ordered.

Interactive Deck Chair Catalog


If you don't absolutely love our creations, we'll give you a full refund-100% money back guaranteed. Because they are just to cool.


Current Design List

Mordor (middle Earth), Wolf, Winter Wolf, Black Bear, White Tailed Deer, Canadian Moose

Biker, Canada (Maple Leaf), Atlantic Salmon, BC Salmon, Small Mouth Bass, Stripped Bass

White/Red/Pink Roses, BC Mountain Pass, Wild Horse, White Rabbit, Bald Eagle, Owl, Mountain Goat

Cougar, Beaver, 15 different Floral Patterns, All Sport themes, Sunflower, Green Spirit, Tree Spirit, Angels 

Welsh Dragon, Fox, Dragon, Ninja, Lighthouse with LED Light, Tiger, Raccoon, Hawk, all Dogs and Cats

You name it we can carve it



Fire Pit Bench Designs

The Fire pit bench is carved our of Canadian Cedar and has two carved locking pines on each leg, locking them into position. 12 inches wide 42 inches long and 18 inches tall. The sides are carved with the tree of life pattern and the locking pins are carved with Fiddleheads. They price for such a cool carving $ 120.00 each and can ordered as a Bear or be custom ordered to meet your requirements at the same price. All orders for the fire pit bench can be done via our email: Just send us an email requesting a bench and the theme you would like or request a custom order for the same price.

Current themes;

Black Bear, Moose, Whitetail deer, Beaver, Red Dragon, Eagle, Viking (Celtic designs), and more....Game of Thrones






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Visit or become friends with our Facebook page to get up to date carving tutorials, videos or just to track how some of our projects are made. Follow us as we work through some of our more complicated carving projects....they are very cool to watch.


Woodcarving Darkwood [DW]

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Check out our You tube carving channel for more free videos,

Darkwood Woodcarving

If there are carving tutorial / video that you are looking for just ask and we will do everything we can to provide you with....yes free information.