Darkwood Woodcarving Fairy Posts


The Fairy Post was an idea of ours, each post is designed to represent a story based on wizards, Fairies and the whimsical nature of both. We have a lot of fun creating the carvings and stories to go with each one of them. You can click on the image below to see more of some of our fairy posts.


Most of our Fairy posts are based on a story. One such story is of a wizard that went off to fight in the elf wars to defend the mischievous nature of the elves, as they seem to get into all kinds of troubles with the other forest creatures. 99 years later the wizard comes back and falls asleep for 100 years. Why? Well because that is what they do when not helping the forest dwellers, sleep. Why else do you think it is that you hardly ever see them; they're always sleeping! This time when he wakes up a family of fairies, or herd of fairies as they call them, have moved into his beard and become the most powerful fairies of all time, learning magic from the wizard as he likes to talk in his sleep.

The story is called " Wizard Fairies"

Starting price $150.00 CDN to the more complicated design $250.00

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